Office Forms

Thank for your interest in our professional services. If you have already called our office and set an appointment, click on the “FORMS” tab below, enter the password and download and print the appropriate form. If you are an adult, fill out the adult PDI. If you are coming as a couple, both partners should fill out an adult PDI. If the appointment is for your child, fill out the Child PDI for him/her.

If you have not called our office yet and are not sure whom it is that you want to see, return to the home page and hit the “staff” tab to learn about our training and experience. Since choosing a therapist can often be a difficult decision, I would be happy to talk to you personally if you still have questions after reading up on us. Call Dr. Dan Schaefer at 419-874-3201.

If you need to fill out office visit forms, call our office at (419) 874-3201 to get the required password for downloading the forms.

Click here to login and download the office visit forms.
(Call our office for the password)